HLPF 2019: Systemic Reforms and Democratization of Global Economic Governance Side Event

The CSO FfD Group (including Women’s Working Group on FfD) would like to warmly invite all of you to participate on this side event. At the side event, the panel of experts will provide an overview of the global systemic issues that the FfD process is meant to address (such as tax, trade, debt and technology) and the policy recommendations that should be prioritised. This will be followed by an interactive discussion.


Manuel Montes, Senior Advisor on Finance and Development, South Centre

Diyana Yahaya, Programme Officer, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development

Donovan Guttieres, Major Group on Children and Youth

Moderated by: Pooja Rangaprasad, Society for International Development and CSO FfD Group

Data: 11 July 2019

Time: 6.30 – 8 PM  

Venue: Conference Room 5 in the UN Conference Building